Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Review for 'Dreamfever' by Karen Marie Moning

'Dreamfever', the fourth installment in the Fever Series, by Karen Marie Moning and published by Delacorte Press (Randon House), is the continuing story of MacKayla Lane and her struggles to free the world she knows, from the dark forces that have enveloped it.
The walls between human and Fae worlds has fallen and as the destruction of the Unseelie dark fairies, spreads to all corners of the globe, Mac, with her recently discovered sidhe-seer powers, battles for survival on the streets of Dublin. Trying to save her family, the life she's always known and herself from extinction, Mac is plunged into a dark world controlled by the Lord Master and the Dark Book. He has murdered her sister and loosed an over-powering sexual craving in her, that only one man can exponge.
But, as attracted as she is to the dark and powerful Jericho Barrons, she knows too little about him to trust his underlying motives. Then returns V'lane...the death-by-sex Fae prince who could help Mac, or just as easily turn her pri-ya, a human addicted to Fae sex, with no mind or will of her own.
As Mac battles the dark Fae, with her young friend Dani, and a newly discovered group of sidhe-seers, the world around them grows blacker and more barren with each passing day.
Karen Moning has once again, dropped us into a fantasy world, where things are never as they seem...and made us LOVE it. From her descriptive panoramas of realms we've never imagined and creatures beyond belief, to the stunning and deliciously seductive men she throws into the mix to help or hinder our heroin, Ms. Moning takes us on a journey through the world of Fairies, that will change everything you ever thought you knew about the little people of Ireland.
This magical story will glue you to your chair, hold you till the end, then spite you out and make you beg for more. I, myself, cannot wait for book number five. There be fairies here!
D.J. Weaver

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