Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Movie Review for 'The Last House on the Left' - Rated R

This is a remake of the classic from 1972 by director Wes Craven. A starring cast that includes Tony Goldwin, Monica Potter, Sarah Paxton, Garret Dillahunt , Spencer Trent Clark and Aaron Paul. This movie has what appears to be, the makings of a good flick. However, let me warn you. I will not say this movie is bad, but I will say that I enjoyed very few parts of the movie. Not enough to call it good! The original storyline is a great concept but somehow this movie fell short for me. I caught myself laughing at the utter absurdity of the characters' reasoning, or lack thereof, and some of the death scenes were over the top! I warn you now, if you watch the unrated version of this movie be prepared for a brutal rape scene! All in all, it wasn't terrible, and somehow Wes Craven did what he does best...make me watch the whole movie. I am torn as to whether I liked this movie better on the shelf or in my DVD player, but I am not torn as to whether or not I will watch another Wes Craven flick. Considering the fact that Mr. Craven is the same man who made us afraid to go to sleep with 'A Nightmare on Elm Street', he will always be one of the great directors. Just my opinion. If there is nothing else available to watch on DVD, give this movie a try, however, don't say I didn't warn you!
C.K. Webb

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