Friday, August 21, 2009

Music Review for Daughtry 'Leave This Town'

The new CD by Daughtry, 'Leave This Town' has got to be at the top of your "Must Listen To" list! Yes...Daughtry! Ever since coming off American Idol in 2006 and releasing their self-titled, debut CD that same year, Daughtry, that little rock band from North Carolina, has been throwing down across the country for thousands of fans and breaking records left and right. Billboard said they were #1 in 2007 and their CD was the fastest selling, debut rock CD in Soundscan history.
Chris Daughtry (vocals, guitar), Josh Steeley (bass), Joey Barnes (drums), Brian Craddock (guitar) and Josh Paul (guitar)....remember these names People! Because they are BIG and getting bigger as I write.
The new CD, 'Leave This Town', rocks on in the true fashion this band has already established. From the rockin' sound of songs like 'No Surprise' and 'You Don't Belong', to the soulful harmonies of 'Learn My Lesson' and 'Call Your Name', Daughtry never fails to delight.
Chris, Josh, Joey, Brian and Josh, with a little help from a few friends, wrote this complete CD and I can absolutely say there will not be a single song that you will not love.
These guys are so talented and just a great group of musicians. Chris' vocals are strong with a wide range, and the fantastic back-up by the boys in the band, bring it all together and make every track on the CD, your next, favorite song. Believe me when I say, you need to get this will NOT regret it.
And by the way, Daughtry has just announced a 36-date, US arena tour for this fall, to support the group's new CD. The opening acts will be main support and they are, Theory of a Dead Man and Cavo.
Get out there and see them. It will be a rockin' good time!
D.J. Weaver

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Claude Bouchard said...

Excellent review D.J.!! I've been watching Idol for several years now but had quit the season when they booted Chris out (DUMB voters, man...). I confess that I don't have the CD but will buy it (or download) based on your recommendation. Happy to see new GOOD rock coming out!!

You Bama girls are really going at it with this blog!! Keep it up! I'm checking it out several times a day (and Twittering for you too now as well)!! xxx