Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book Review for 'Dream State' by Robert Crull

The as-yet unreleased novel by Robert Crull, 'Dream State', is to be published by Eloquent Books and will be out soon. I feel very lucky to have gotten a 'first read' on this one. Remember the name...'Dream State'. Write it down because your going to want to read this one. Believe me...this story is much more twisted than it appears to be on the surface.
We follow the inner workings of the mind of Mr. Drew Sovern; a wealthy, handsome man who is a control freak of the deadliest kind. He kills women! This is how he proves to his inner voice that he is in control and can do anything to anyone and get away with it. As he befriends women and then murders them, his mind feeds off his victims' last dying fears and regrets, proving his superiority to himself and to his mind's voice. But is this how Drew really wants to spend his remaining years?
At times, we see a Drew that struggles to have a loving relationship with the women of his dreams, but at other times, we see a Drew that only wants to control, and who is in turn, controlled by the voice in his mind that will never let him get too close to anyone.
Robert Crull has woven an tale of murder and control and the entangling deceptions of the mind. He is the new master of the surprise ending and I can guarantee that it will take reading the entire book before you get to see what's coming next. Mr. Crull gives us good characterizations and vivid descriptions of the players, but he only gives them to us a little at a time, making us want more at every turn. You will be flipping the pages as fast as you can to find out what happens next. I loved this shocking, surprising book and recommend it to you all, knowing that you'll be just as surprised as I was. A 4-Spider rating for this're going to love it! Please go to for information and release dates.
DJ Weaver

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