Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book Review for 'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was published by Random House in 2009. Let me first say that I have been a fan of Dan Brown since The Da Vinci Code first appeared on the scene, but I really did not enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed the movie. I started reading Angels & Demons but got mired in the details and have never finished it. When I started hearing about the release of The Lost Symbol, I knew I wanted to read it and review it here for you all, but I was not sure if I would be able to get through it. I am aware that Dan Brown writes allot of fact into his fiction and I thought that I may not be able to finish the book if I again got too far into the details. So, in a word, I was skeptical. I received my copy of The Lost Symbol last weekend and waited a day or two before I started reading, as I and was really rather dreading getting into it.
Let me tell you, that from the minute I picked it up, it has been difficult to put it down. I truly believe that this is Dan Brown's best effort to date. I loved this book!!!
The Lost Symbol once again pits Harvard symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon against the bad guys, or in this case the bad man. The book is set in Washington, D.C., amid the hidden world of the Masonic secret society that has had such a great influence on the history of our country. Langdon is asked to lecture at the US Capitol building by his mentor and old friend, Peter Soloman, a philanthropist, who happens to be a thirty-third degree Mason, the highest attainable level of the Masonic Society. Moments after Langdon arrives at the capitol, a startlingly gruesome discovery is made and Langdon is plunged into a life-and-death situation that only he can unravel. Langdon, along with Katherine Solomon, Noetic Scientist and Peter's sister, are being pursued by the CIA and a mad man who is seeking The Lost Word. Mal'akh, as he calls himself, believes that The Lost Word is buried in the ground at the bottom of a long, spiral staircase, a secret location which the Masonic Society has hidden for years. He believes that if he finds The Lost Word, he can use it to become a God in his own rite, and he will do whatever is necessary to find the clues that lead to the Ancient Mysteries which contain The Lost Word.
Langdon and Katherine are forced to participate in a frightening chase through the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, D.C., to save Peter and the vary existence of the United States of America as we know it.
Dan Brown has outdone himself with this story. His uncanny ability to weave fact with fiction, and the secretive nature of the ancient Masonic Society, are blended together to bring us a spell-binding and riveting story that will compel you to read it from front to back in one sitting. The clues are divulged one by one, and you will be holding your breath, as each one falls into place and the clock ticks toward a single, inconceivable discovery of truth. This is one of those books you will read over and over and Dan Brown will become one of your new favorite authors.
I gave The Lost Symbol a 5-spider rating and it earned every single one.
DJ Weaver

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Sonya said...

I agree!! This is his best by far. The big surprise toward the end got me. There was an audible gasp that caused my husband to ask what happened! Love this book.