Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review For 'Vigilante' by Claude Bouchard

Claude Bouchard is a Canadian born author and artist living and working in Montreal. His book 'Vigilante' is the first of four novels written and published by Mr.Bouchard.
A child is raised under horrible circumstances and witnesses heart-wrenching atrocities daily. He vows then to never again sit idly by, while others suffer at the hands of their aggressors.
Years later a Vigilante is on the loose in Montreal, Canada, and he is cleaning up the streets, one lowlife at a time. Gang bangers, murders, rapists and abusers are all the same to the Vigilante and he brutalizes each one just as they have done to their victims. When a woman is nearly raped by two seedy businessman and then rescued by the Vigilante, local Investigator Dave McCall gets a hunch that the woman has seen more than she is willing to admit. McCall then initiates the help of Chris Barry, the Chief Operating Officer of CSS Enterprises, one of the largest and fastest growing corporations in the computer intelligence industry. The two become fast friends and work together to trace the origins of the Vigilante's computer transmissions and to track, identify and put him away for good!
This book is a roller coaster ride, kick in the pants! Just when I thought I had it all figured out...Wham! Claude hit me with a twist that I never saw coming. I would recommend 'Vigilante' to anyone who loves a great, thrilling mystery ride. I am very excited to watch Claude Bouchard's career unfold onto page and anxious to read his three other books, 'The Consultant', 'Mind Games' and 'The Homeless Killer'. If you think you have a clue who the Vigilante is...Think Again!
I give this book a 4-spidar rating.
C.K. Webb


ceebee308 said...

Dear C.K. The only comment I can make is xxxxxx!! Thank-you for a wonderful review!!


Bob said...

I just finished reading Vigilante myself yesterday. Very good book. I had the killer pegged, and was completely wrong.

Great Work Claude.

Robert E