Friday, November 13, 2009

Book Review for 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Sparks

The Last Song was written by Nicholas Sparks and released by Grand Central Publishers on September 30, 2009. The Last Song will also be a 2010 coming-of-age drama film starring Miley Cyrus.
Ronnie Miller is an up-and-coming prodigy in the world of classical piano. With the help of her father who is a Julliard instructor, Ronnie is destined to do great things. When her parents' marriage falls apart and her father leaves, Ronnie's hurt and pain change to rebellion and she turns her back on the two things she loves the most...her music and her father.
Three years pass while Ronnie's rebellion spirals out of control and she refuses to speak to her father. Her mother intervenes forcing Ronnie to spend the summer before her eighteenth birthday with her father and brother at her father's home. Her father is now living a much simpler existence and his life's work consists of building a stained glass window for a local church. Ronnie feels only bitterness towards her father but in the end, the journey Ronnie takes in that summer will change her forever, opening her eyes to the real truths behind her father's leaving. With pure, raw human emotion the story also shows us the love of a father for his child, and the spiritual awakening he must embrace.
The Last Song is a heart wrenching tale of love and of love lost, of family and their pull on our lives and of the secrets we sometimes keep. Nicholas Sparks does something in this novel that he always does...he breaks our hearts. Then he does something truly wonderful...he always rebuilds whatever he breaks and we leave stronger than when our journey with him began.
As I read this book it became clear to me how the story would progress and yet I was still moved to tears. Nicholas Sparks has a way of doing that and even though we see the sadness coming, still it overwhelms us. This is not only a beautiful story but an inspiring one as well. I would definitely recommend The Last Song to all fans of Sparks but also to those who have never felt the intensity and strength in this talented author's writing. The Last Song is deeply moving and beautifully written, with characters that vividly bring to memory, times in our own lives. It is for this very reason that I am giving The Last Song a 4-spider rating. You surely will not be disappointed in this poignant story.
CK Webb

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