Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book Review of 'Breathless' by Dean Koontz

Breathless was published in 2009 by Random House Publishing.
Grady Adams and his wolfhound Merlin, step from darkness into light in an oddly surreal meadow near his home and have an astonishing encounter with two strange animals of unknown origin. Local veterinarian Camilla Rivers witnesses a strange happening in a paddock a few miles away, while Henry Rouvroy, with sinister intent, pulls into the drive of his estranged twin brother, James, who lives in the same area. In Las Vegas, chaos theorist Lamar Woolsey plays the odds, while in Seattle, Lidden Wallace makes a deal with the devil to murder his wife and son. On a coast highway not far away, homeless indigent Tom Biggers has a vision that sets him on a path to his own destiny. What do all these people have in common?
Something strange is happening in the world and Grady Adams and Cammy Rivers are right in the middle of it. The two strangely intriguing animals seem drawn to Grady's isolated home and his dog Merlin. They finally decide to reveal themselves to Grady and Cammy and their very presence seems to be like a coming of joy and light to the world. But when the government finds out about the pair and takes steps to intervene, the chase is on.
Dean Koontz has once again brought us a closely woven tale of strange and mysterious events culminating in a wondrous ending that will make us question the world around us. Mr. Koontz adds in a large touch of suspense, just a bit of lunacy, and enough humor to make Breathless one of his best novels to date. It will keep you reading from beginning to end and never let your adrenaline stop flowing.
I'm giving Dean Koontz's latest novel a 4-spider rating and hoping you will pick up a copy of this great read. It will leave you Breathless!
DJ Weaver

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