Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Review for 'Saving Rachel' by John Locke

Saving Rachel was written and self-published by John Locke and is available for purchase at
Sam Case has developed a most remarkable piece of software that can not only launder money, but make it completely untraceable. Various terrorists, crime bosses and assassins have paid Sam a bundle to make a whole heap of money 'invisible'. Now, Sam has got it made; a great job, a beautiful wife and enough money from his side venture to live a fantastic life for many years.
But everything is about to go terribly wrong when Sam decides to have an affair with Karen Vogel, the girl of his dreams. He is immediately kidnapped and given an ultimatum! 'Give us the 18 codes or both the women in your life will die'. As if all this isn't enough, the kidnappers soon up the ante and Sam is forced to choose between the two women, leaving the other to die. But which one will he choose?
Murder, madmen and midgets...affairs, assassins and actors. Saving Rachel is a twisting, turning roller coaster ride of the best kind. John Locke came out with guns blazing on this one! Mr. Locke used every trick in the book plus some new ones and I was mesmerized. I absolutely could not put this book down and even found myself laughing out loud more than a few times.
Saving Rachel is the ultimate adventure with kick-in-the-backside action and I would highly recommend it to everyone. I am giving Saving Rachel a 4-spider rating. Please make it a point that you pick up this 'must read' book soon. You will not be disappointed.
CK Webb

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Winslow said...

I agree - completely mesmerizing and thrilling and funny! What a great combination. Loved this book!