Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book Review for 'Under The Dome' by Stephen King

Under The Dome was written by Stephen King and published by Scribner Books on November 10, 2009.
Retired Army Lieutenant Dale 'Barbie' Barber is fed up with life in the small town of Chester's Mill and sets off on foot to re-locate and get a fresh start. But something is determined to keep Dale Barber from leaving. A huge, virtually invisible dome suddenly crashes down over the entire town, cutting everything and everyone off from the outside world. Not only are people and animals viciously and brutally killed when the dome comes down but the people left in Chester's Mill have an even bigger problem on their hands. After 'Dome Day' as it comes to be known, the town quickly falls to the ravages of anarchy and becomes divided. One small group in Chester's Mill retains their sanity, while the rest of the town comes under the influence of 'Big Jim' Rennie, the town selectman who fills every mind in town with propaganda and paranoia pitting the small group against a mob.
In Under The Dome, Mr. King weaves a tale so far fetched and outlandish that we begin to believe it could actually happen. With almost 100 characters and over 1,400 pages, everyone has a secret to keep, and in the end no one is safe. You will walk away from this read asking yourself the question, 'What would I do?'
I am giving Stephen King's Under The Dome a 4-spider rating and recommending it to every Stephen King fan and to any sci-fi thriller fan who is looking for a tale that is out of this world. Please be forewarned: Under The Dome will require its very own carrying case and its own seat at the table. Not only is it a fantastic book but it is an amazing workout as well.
CK Webb

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anonymouslee said...

A good review, but I can't help feeling it sounds incredibly similar to King's other book The Mist. Something surreal happens [a dome dropping, a mist descending] and then characters in an enclosed space become paranoid and divided.
Is there much difference between the two books, aside from the obvious e.g. instead of mist, it's a dome etc.
I feel like I could just read one of the books and still feel the same at the end.