Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book Review for 'Tears Of Pearl' by Tasha Alexander

Tears Of Pearl was written by Tasha Alexander and published September 1, 2009 by Minotaur Books.
Lady Emily and her new husband Colin Hargreaves have set out on an amazing honeymoon to exotic Turkey. While traveling there, they meet Sir Richard who tells the sorrowful story of his wife's brutal murder and the kidnapping of his daughter Ceyden, some twenty years prior. Upon their arrival in Constantinople, the newlyweds are immediately overwhelmed by the murder of a harem girl, who as it is discovered, happens to be the kidnapped daughter of Sir Richard. Lady Emily and Colin make a promise to help uncover the identity of her killer and give Ceyden justice. The two soon discover that the world of the Sultan and his harem are very different from that of any other. As the body count continues to rise, Lady Emily is confronted with the truths of harem life and the harsh reality of society's view of a woman's place in the world.
The passages in Tears Of Pearl are vivid and descriptive with language that flows with beauty indicative of the era. Tasha Alexander weaves the reader directly into the story and its surroundings while bringing the characters to life with her signature writing style. This book reads like a movie playing out in your mind as each page is turned and the excitement builds. I am giving Tears Of Pearl a 4-spider rating and would gladly swim the Bosphorus to read the next 'Lady Emily' installment from Tasha Alexander.
CK Webb
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Jan said...

I love this book by T.L.Moore....I have read it and given copies to friends. This book is wonderful for children and adults....great lessons for all. I love red-headed angel Ed.
Jan McAninch, Ohio