Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Review of 'Ed On My Shoulder: The Boy With No Friends' by T.L. Moore Review by R.E. Webb

Ed On My Shoulder: The Boy With No Friends was written by T.L. Moore and is available from and
R.E. Webb, age 11 : Ed On My Shoulder is the best book I have read in my whole life. My favorite part was when Ed and Eric became good friends because Eric felt all alone and had no one to play with. The sweetest part in the whole book was when Ed had to leave to go help other kids and Eric looked at Ed and said, "You will always be my angel on my shoulder, Ed." Thank you T.L. Moore for letting me read and review your book. Also to T.L. Ball; the pictures you drew were great. I give Ed On My Shoulder 5 spiders.
RE Webb

Ed On My Shoulder is the story of Eric, a young boy who is ofter shunned bacause of physical limitations he has had since birth. When Eric's father passes away and he and his mother are forced to move to a new city, Eric feels alone and angry at the world and at God. One day Eric meets Ed, an angel sent from heaven to help Eric through this difficult time in his life and to let him know that he is never alone. As Eric and Ed become close friends, Eric learns to love himself and to let others love him as well, and he finds real friends along the way.
When my 11 year old asked to review this book I was a little skeptical and wondered how well she would like Ed On My Shoulder, as she is an avid reader of other genres. When she emerged from her bedroom, after devouring the book in one sitting, with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, I knew that Ed On My Shoulder had been a winner. I highly recommend this sweet children's book not only to children, but to parents as well. T.L.Moore has created, a wonderful and enjoyable story for children, and an excellent teaching tool for life. Anyone, no matter their age, can learn empathy and compassion from this delightful little book.
CK Webb


Jan said...

I have read "Ed on my shoulder" and loved the book by T.L.Moore! I have given some copies to friends who felt the same. This is a wonderful book for children and adults...........a wonderful lesson for all.
Jan McAninch

Leigh Russell said...

Great review by RE Webb, with skilfully included quotation. Keep reading, and post more reviews!

Sonya Price said...

Excellent Review RE Webb!!! I look forward to more from you!!

Olivia Johnson said...

Ed on my shoulder is a book that shares the love of Jesus to everyone! I looking forward to the next book of the series.