Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review for 'The Amoveo Legacy' by Sara Taney Humphreys

The Amoveo Legacy by Sara Taney Humphreys is the first book in The Amoveo Series and was published in 2009 by Devine Destinies. It is available for purchase at
The Amoveo people are a powerful and ancient race of shape shifters and Malcolm Drew is of the Eagle Clan. For centuries his race has been hunted by the Caedo family, a group of humans who discovered the existence of the Amoveo and have vowed to hunt down and wipe out every single one.
Malcolm needs his mate or he will be doomed to a solitary existence and early death. Samantha Logan is an ordinary girl who wakes up one morning needing to see her grandmother. Something seemed to draw her there and when she arrives, she feels so at home. But she also feels drawn to the house next door and she can't shake the feeling that someone or something there is waiting for her.
The Amoveo Legacy is a story of destiny and two people drawn together by a bond that has spanned centuries. Sara Taney Humphreys has written a story of finding love in a world where all is not as it seems and where ancient secrets can change a man into a beast in a split second.
This book has it all: solid action, great description and Oh the love...! Samantha and Malcolm are great characters and the passion and intensity they invoke is exquisite. With just a bit of editing, this up and coming series could go major for Sara Taney Humphreys.
I'm giving The Amoveo Legacy a 4-spider rating and suggesting that you read this great tale as soon as possible.
DJ Weaver

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