Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Review for 'Maneater II: PREY' by Thomas Emson

Thomas Emson's PREY was published in February 2010 by Snow Books and is available for purchase at or You can also catch Thomas Emson on Twitter @thomasemson.
Eight years ago Trafalgar Square, in the heart of London, was torn apart by a fierce battle that raged between two werewolf families. Many people were killed that day. Those that survived did so because of a werewolf named Laura Greenacre...the last of her bloodline.
In the years since, a network of protectors have emerged who keep Laura safe so that she will never be found. Their goal is to protect the werewolf as she protected them all those years ago. Ruth Templeton has other plans. When a Russian gangster is found with his crew, murdered and torn apart, Moscow cop Lev Dasaev is on the hunt for the killer. The investigation takes him to New York and what he discovers will unravel all his beliefs. Nightmare becomes reality and werewolves are set loose to wreak havoc in Times Square, as the final battle unfolds.
I cannot say enough good things about Thomas Emson's PREY. From the very first page of PREY, I was completely enthralled. Thomas Emson grabs you with his incredible writing style and descriptive passages and MAKES you believe. PREY is bloody but also beautiful and in a category all its own. I feverishly devoured this book and was crushed when the last page was turned. I would recommend this to any reader who loves an action packed nail-biter from beginning to end. But keep in mind, PREY is not for the faint of heart. PREY has become my new favorite in werewolf books!
I am giving Thomas Emson's PREY a 5-spider rating and urging you to pick up this novel. Monsters and myth collide and Thomas Emson has captured them impeccably in his book PREY.
CK Webb

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