Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review for 'One Hundred Great French Books' by Lance Donaldson-Evans

One Hundred Great French Books: From The Middle Ages To Present was written by Lance Donaldson-Evans and released by Blue Ridge Publishers on March 31, 2010. It is available for purchase at
One Hundred Great French Books is a glorious compilation of many of the books we have grown to love and a few we had simply forgotten. This book lays out with quick and beautiful detail, the story behind the author, characters and plot origin of each book while providing the reader with a generous synopsis of each. One Hundred Great French Books has well written and descriptive passages that will fuel your need to read the poignant and timeless works of literary art synopsized between its pages. This book is a wonderful reference tool not only for a student but also for the avid reader and lover of the written word.
From such works as, La Chanson de Roland(ca. 1095 The Song Of Roland )to La Possibilite' d'une ile(2005 The Possibility Of An Island), the choices abound. If, after reading One Hundred Great French Books you still have not found that which you seek, the author invites you to explore 50 more wonderful French titles in the Afterword. Every genre imaginable spills forth in One Hundred Great French Books and a tickling of intrigue can be felt for them all. Merci beaucoup Lance Donaldson-Evans for this highly enlightening read.
CK Webb

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