Monday, April 26, 2010

Writer's Competition Winner: 'POWERLESS: Book 1 The Synthesis' by Jason Letts

We began our writer's competition by asking unpublished authors to send in their very best. We were immediately overrun with entries from almost every genre. We then began the tedious task of narrowing down the entries to 4 finalists. We had our work cut out for us, but with a little help from our mentor, we were finally able to pin down a winner from these wonderful literary works.
The four finalists are a very diverse group of writers, each with a very unique voice, making our task of choosing just one, extremely difficult. In the end, we chose the entry with the freshest storyline and most fluid writing style. WebbWeaver is proud to congratulate our winner, Jason Letts, on his entry POWERLESS: Book 1 The Synthesis.
Jason Letts is currently writing and teaching English in Hiroshima, Japan. After spending all of his 26 years engrossed in stories of print and screen, he felt compelled to make his own contribution to the literary world; the POWERLESS series being the fruit of those labors. Above all else, he aspired to fashion a story that illuminates the incredible accomplishments every passionate, dedicated person is capable of.
POWERLESS is a YA fantasy about an ordinary young girl living in a world full of people with extraordinary powers or gifts. Mira Ipswich has spent all of her 15 years with her mother and father at Cloud Cottage. A veil of mist has always surrounded their home, giving the impression that no other people or things exist. But when a mysterious face appears in the mist, Mira's parents are forced to reveal the truth about the world outside Cloud Cottage and the unique people who inhabit that world. Mira is given the choice to stay or venture out and chooses to explore the new world. Mira enrolls in school with the 'gifted' children, and is shunned for her lack of powers. What Mira discovers on her journey are the dangers that lie in the world and that no one is ever POWERLESS.
I enjoyed this novel from Jason Letts and was entranced by the writer's ability to bring together this unlikely group of kids. With some editing and a good agent, I truly believe that this series of books could be a hit in the YA book world. I look forward to reading Book 2 in the series and will watch this budding young author's career with great enthusiasm.
Jason's entry will be forwarded to two literary agents for critiquing. Jason will also be offered a professional editing session and help with a query letter. Thank you again to all our entrants and Good Luck to Jason Letts in all his future endeavours.
CK Webb


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jason you must be over the moon about it. You have achieved what every unknown writer wants, a chance to be discovered...hope it all goes well for you.
Vampirique Dezire

Jason said...

Thanks so much, C.K. and D.J! I'm honored you saw this much value in the book! And thanks to V.Dezire above. I'm certainly elated about it!

Ifollowthenight said...

Congratulations Jason! I am so very excited and happy for you.

Portia said...

Congrats Jason! Sounds like a great book!

Best of luck,