Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review For 'Hidden And Imminent Dangers' by D.W. Hardin

Hidden And Imminent Dangers was written by D.W. Hardin and is available for purchase at or at
Mac Macintosh is an ER nurse in a large Louisville, Kentucky hospital when he is tossed into the center of an Avian flu pandemic of biblical proportions. Together with infectious disease specialist Dr. Mercato Marcus, the two fight not only to contain the mutant strain of Avian flu, but to save the people being affected by it. Meanwhile government entities clash over jurisdiction, allowing the disease to spread like wildfire while the U.S. becomes a vulnerable target for its enemies.
Hidden And Imminent Dangers is a horrifying glimpse into the possible. It is your worst nightmare come true. D.W. Hardin has written a consuming and realistic novel that allows the reader to see frightening possibilities in the world we live in. Along the way he gives you a shocking glance into the sometimes villainous inner workings of those in positions of authority. Hidden And Imminent Dangers also offers up a protagonist who gives the reader hope in the strength of mankind.
I enjoyed this book tremendously. Hardin has touched on a subject that we have all thought about and he has done so in an informative and descriptive manner which places the reader head-long into the center of the catastrophe. It is for this very reason I am giving Hidden And Imminent Dangers a 4-spider rating.
Pick up this apocalyptic novel but BEWARE...D.W. Hardin's writing is CONTAGIOUS!
CK Webb

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