Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Review of 'Riddle Of Berlin' by Cym Lowell

Riddle Of Berlin was written by Cym Lowell and published through IUniverse. It is available for purchase at
John C. Jaegerman is a man in the midst of a middle age crisis, who has suffered greatly in his lifetime. When a voice from the water, entices John to jump from a parapet overlooking the Seine River at Notre Dame in Paris, John sees it as a way out, not only for himself, but for his family. He takes the plunge. What unravels next is nothing short of an intricate web of espionage, romance and ultimately, redemption, as a campaign of global terror ignites the four corners of the world and an international plot unlike any other soon becomes clear.
As the book unfolds, the author couples all these events with the almost comical actions of NATO, adding some humor to the book's appeal. Riddle Of Berlin is a thriller with highs and lows that the reader won't soon forget. Sometimes complicated, Riddle Of Berlin is an intriguing read that I took my time with so as not to miss a thing. I am giving Riddle Of Berlin a 3-spider rating and recommending it to all lovers of international thrillers. Be prepared to use your brain on this one...but in the end you and your brain will thank me.
CK Webb

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