Thursday, June 17, 2010

Book Review of 'RANDOM' by Craig Robertson

RANDOM was written by Craig Robertson and published in April 2010 by Simon & Schuster UK. It is available for purchase at
RANDOM is the debut novel for Craig Robertson and if we are blessed by the book gods, it won't be his last.
'The Cutter', a diabolical serial killer, is wreaking havoc on Glasgow, Scotland and showing no signs of relenting. The police are stumped as the killings continue. When 'The Cutter' targets an employee of local crime boss Alexander Kirkwood, he may have gone too far. Kirkwood sets out to track down 'The Cutter', and put an end to him and his killing spree.
Written in first person from 'The Cutter's' perspective, RANDOM is a twisted trip through the inner workings of a madman's mind. While reading I became engrossed in 'The Cutter's' story and his reason's behind killing. After awhile I found myself really liking the guy and even cheering him on.
Craig Robertson has drawn a line in the sad for other writers in the genre, and dared them to cross it with his novel RANDOM. An explosive debut from an author who is bound for greatness, I am giving RANDOM a 5-spider rating. This book is deliciously disturbing with an ending that is beyond perfection. Fans of the genre are sure to devour RANDOM like serial-killer candy.
CK Webb

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