Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Review for BLOCKADE BILLY by Stephen King

BLOCKADE BILLY was written by Stephen King and published by Scribner Books in 2010. It is available for purchase at
BLOCKADE BILLY contains two short stories, each with very different themes and therefore, I will be rating each story accordingly.
The first story, Blockade Billy, takes place in the late 50's. When the New Jersey Titans lose both their catchers in less than 48 hours, the team finds itself in a tight spot and fears that the season may just go down the toilet. But, when a shot of blind luck hits, the team finds a replacement by the name of William Blakely. This kid is good and soon his name becomes well known across the league and the fans are rocking the stands with signs and chants of 'Blockade Billy'.
But what everyone doesn't know about the kid will be the one thing that will remove any traces of the Titans from baseball's history books forever. I loved this short story. The interview style of writing that King used for Blockade Billy was brilliant. I am giving Blockade Billy a 4-spider rating and recommending it to anyone who loves the game of baseball or loves a good, creepy story with a solid ending.
Morality is the bonus story in the book. It centers around Chad & Nora, a struggling young couple trying to make ends meet. When Winnie, the retired preacher that Nora has cared for since his stroke, approaches Nora with a once in a lifetime offer, the couple must decide if $200,000 is enough money to make a person go against their morals and commit an unspeakable act.
Though I did like Morality and even laughed out loud while reading, it still was missing something for me. I am sure that King fans everywhere will throw tomatoes at me for this, but it was just 'OK' for me and kind of out of place within the cover of BLOCKADE BILLY. I am giving Morality a 3- spider rating and telling everyone to 'Be your own judge' on this one.
All in all, BLOCKADE BILLY was a good read and I always enjoy Stephen King's short stories. If you have found his novels to be too lengthy, I highly recommend you check out BLOCKADE BILLY or one of his many other collections of shorts.
CK Webb

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