Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Review for THE DARK PROVINCE: SON OF DUPRIN by William H. Johnson

The Dark Province: Son Of Duprin was written by William H. Johnson and published in 2010 by IUniverse. It is available for purchase at .
Calvin Gooding and his twin sister Mari, have spent their lives sharing a very special bond and love for one another. Raised in the strictly religious Duprin, the twins have never been far from each other, in their lives or beliefs. When Mari is stricken with a deadly terminal illness, Calvin refuses to accept the fate of his beloved sister choosing instead, to travel to the forbidden Dark Province to seek the blessing and healing of the king.
Summoned by the sorceress Tjetta, Calvin must go against everything he has ever believed, risking family, shame and eternal damnation by his Goddess, in order to save Mari. What Calvin discovers is that the cannibals and heathens he believed he would find on his travel through Th Dark Province, are but men and women with strong religious beliefs of their own. Can Calvin put aside his learned prejudices and inhibitions in order to save the sister he loves so dearly, or will he be be swept away by the sins of this great nation?
The Dark Province: Son Of Duprin is a wonderfully written first novel. William H. Johnson enthralls the reader with a great and noble quest while dealing with the moral dilemmas that this young man must face. There is something for everyone in The Dark Province, sorceresses, dragons, kings and queens and even a few scenes loaded with some intense sexuality. I am giving The Dark Province a 4-spider rating and recommending it to any reader who enjoys a page turning, shocking and enlightening read.
And just as William H. Johnson's lead character Calvin states... "I will not offer the slightest notion of an apology for a single breath of life I lived and breathed in The Dark Province".
CK Webb

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