Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Review for 'Two Chilling Stories And A Dream' by Alan Yager

Two Chilling Stories And A Dream was written by Alan Yager and published in 2009 by Xlibris. It is available for purchase at .
Citizen 100010011-0, The Hill's Dairy Float Boy and The Eerie Leery Nora Olturian are the titles of the short stories you will find within the pages of this creepy & quirky little book. Each story takes on you on a completely different journey and tickles your imagination with the turning of each page. From a future, where the government controls everything, to the nutty neighbor we should all watch out for, Two Chilling Stories And A Dream has a little something for every short story lover.
The book pulls you along until the last page and leaves you wanting more, more, more. Two Chilling Stories And A Dream was a bit short for my taste at only 66 pages but it did give a wonderful glimpse into the mind and style of the writer. I will definitely be following this author's career and be eager for his next short story installment. I am giving Two Chilling Stories And A Dream a 4-spider rating and recommending it to everyone who loves the pull and allure that goes along with a wonderful book of short stories.
CK Webb

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