Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review for 'Taken By Midnight' by Lara Adrian

Taken By Midnight was written by Lara Adrian and published September 28, 2010 by Dell. It is available for purchase at You can visit Lara's website at
Jenna Darrow has been savagely and brutally attacked by an Ancient, a deadly alien breed of vampire. When Jenna awakens in the compound that belongs to The Order, a group of warrior vampires who protect other vampires and humans alike, she remembers the choice given to her by the Ancient...Die now or live. As all the Breed Warriors struggle to understand why Jenna was left alive, they discover that the ancient has left behind a 'gift' inside of Jenna that cannot be explained. As Jenna begins to evolve and change she finds that her only solace and peace are found in Brock, the Breed Warrior who has been assigned to protect her. While the Warriors continue to track down Dragos, a deadly foe who wages war against the breed and all of humanity, Jenna is quickly evolving into something that none of the Breed have ever seen.
I have not read a book in the Midnight Breed Series since Midnight Rising, but I am reminded now why I love these books so much. Lara Adrian has created a new spin on vampires and their origin. She has not only made them HOT but also strong, sensitive and very desirable at the same time. The Dermaglyphs that signify the Midnight Breed Warrior add a fiery touch to Adrian's delicious descriptions of the warriors. Taken By Midnight had me from start to finish, leaving me plagued with a whole slew of questions and counting the days until the next book is released. I am giving Taken By Midnight a 4-spider rating and recommending it to anyone who loves a sizzling hot, action packed vampire tale unlike any other. Lara Adrian's vampires do not sparkle and trust me when I say...You will be so glad they don't!
CK Webb

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