Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Review of 'VICTIM SIX' by Gregg Olsen

Victim Six was written by Gregg Olsen and published in 2010 by Pinnacle. It is available for purchase at www.amazon.com/
Kendall Stark is an investigator working in Port Orchard, Washington for the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office. The case of a missing women, a local brush picker, has been dropped into Kendall's lap. The case seems suspicious to Kendall but to her partner, Josh Anderson, it looks like just another case of a young girl going back home. The two soon find that the real truth behind Celesta Delgado's disappearance is more disturbing than they could ever have imagined.
As more missing women turn up brutally tortured and murdered, Kendall Stark is determined to stop the madman, now dubbed 'The Kitsap Cutter' by local news entities. The killer himself is feeding information to a local reporter who uses it to get the story and make a name for herself. But, what she is hiding may just be the key to unlock the identity of the killer and save the lives of the women in Kitsap County.
I could not put this one down. The killer's methodology and thinking was as sadistic and twisted as they come and yet, completely entrancing. Victim Six is NOT for the faint of heart and will surely have its readers glancing nervously over one shoulder. Gregg Olsen twists the reader's insides and makes one draw ones feet into the fetal position as his explosive ending hits head on. One of the very best thrillers I have read this year and the reason I am giving Victim Six a 5-spider rating. Gregg Olsen's books are addictive and to use a quote from his killer...'Nobody can read just one'!
CK Webb

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