Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Review of 'Wired Kingdom' by Rick Chesler

Wired Kingdom was published in May, 2010 by Variance Publishing and can be purchased at www.amazon.com
FBI Agent Tara Shores is trying to make a name for herself in the boy's club that is the FBI. But when she is passed over on a big assignment for a seemingly unimportant one, it actually turns out to be a 'whale' of a case. A whale, wired with a web cam made with stolen defense technology, has 'witnessed' a gruesome murder at sea and has broadcast it all over the World Wide Web. Agent Shores is brought in to find out whether this broadcast is all a scam set up by the owners of the website, or an actual murder. The case takes some twists and turns that put Agent Shores in the national eye, as well as in danger, while multiple players in this game make her job more difficult with every turn.
Author and Marine Biologist Rick Chesler, has no problem keeping the reader entertained throughout the book, with his mix of biology, environmentalism, mystery and cop-drama, and Wired Kingdom makes for a very unique and enjoyable read. The fact that the book was easy to understand by someone not at all versed in science and biology, was a big plus. There was plenty of detail in the descriptions so the reader completely understands what is happening, without bringing the story down. This book kept my attention the whole way through and I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It is a completely new genre for me, and I was happy for the experience. I'm giving Wired Kingdom, 4 spiders and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for the great read, Mr. Chesler.
SB Price

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