Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Review for 'The Faithful' by Jonathan Weyer

The Faithful was written by Jonathan Weyer and published by Brio Press. It will be available for purchase at
Aidan Schaeffer, an assistant pastor, has lost many things in the last year. First he loses his parents to an arson fire, then his fiance' Amanda to another pastor and finally his own faith. But when Aidan learns of the unexplained murder of his ex-fiance', he is immediately hurled into a deadly fight of spirituality, reality and the supernatural. Aidan is being haunted by whispers and footsteps of unknown origin that seem to be following his every move.
As the police investigate him for the murder of Amanda, Aidan finds solace and support in Jennifer Brown, the detective investigating the murder. Jennifer helps him discover the true evil that is happening around them.
A ritual to control the souls of the unrighteous dead through magic finds Aidan and Jennifer in a struggle with good and evil. Only Aidan can uncover the identities of the murderers, while finding a way to rediscover his lost faith and give himself over to loving once more.
I found The Faithful to be a book like no other. It had a religious background but it also held deep roots in the supernatural. The Faithful is a genre completely all its own...Christian Horror. The Faithful kept me on the edge of my seat and always guessing what was going to happen next. It was a scary-good story and one that I hope Mr. Weyer chooses to continue.
I am giving The Faithful a 5 spider rating and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in a great horror.
CE Knight

CE Knight is an avid reader who attends South Lamar High School and plays football for the South Lamar Stallions. He is the 16 year old son of WebbWeaver reviewer T. Lane.

I was completely blown away by The Faithful. Jonathan Weyer has plunged a knife deep into the horror genre and pulled out a most unique concept. This is my first Christian Horror and because of Mr. Weyer, it will not be my last. The Faithful lays down a storyline and protagonist that I would follow for many more installments. CE Knight may be our youngest reviewer but he hit the nail on the head with his 5 spider rating. A must read for anyone looking for a gripping new take on the horror genre.
CK Webb

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Sounds like an intriguing read I will definitely check it out.

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