Sunday, November 28, 2010

Book Review of 'The Price of Life' by Greg McCarthy

The Price of Life was written by Greg McCarthy and published by Otherworld Publications, LLC, in July, 2010. You may purchase it from
Jennifer Haller is an eight year old with a brain tumor that is killing her. But her mother Julie, finds that the insurance company is refusing to pay for Jennifer's surgery. Shortly after Jennifer's diagnosis, her father, Marine Captain Ed Haller loses his leg to a road-side bomb in Iraq and is sent home to rehabilitate while his daughter fights the cancer that inevitably kills her.
The Hallers turn to attorney Grant Mercer, whom they hire to sue the attending neurologist and find some justice for their daughter. But they soon learn that the government has put a cap on the amount of money that can be awarded. Unconcerned with the money, but wanting to honor their daughter, the Hallers proceed.
Then Mercer puts together the deaths of a lobbyist, a state senator and an insurance executive with the kidnapping of Jennifer's doctor, and discovers how far some will go when other options fail.
Mr. McCarthy has been a practicing attorney for 24 years and has seen both sides of medical malpractice cases in Texas. He has nailed this legal/medical thriller and made it very hard to put down. The characters are true-to-life and made me sympathetic for their anger and sadness. The Price of Life is so spot-on for our day and time, that I am giving it a 4 spider rating.
Anyone who loves a legal/medical thriller will want to read this one. Great first novel by this up-and-comer.
T Lane

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