Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book Review for 'The Grove' by John Rector

The Grove was written by John Rector and published by AmazonEncore in Nov. 2010. You may purchase The Grove at
Farmer Dexter McCrary has always been fond of the lone grove of Cottonwood trees that run through his cornfield. But, when a night he can't remember collides with his discovery of the body of a dead, teen aged girl in his field, McCrary quickly begins to question his own sanity and wonders if... during his blackout the night before... he could have killed the poor girl that now lies dead in The Grove.
With the details of his troubled past looming maliciously all around him, Dexter begins his search into the identity of the dead girl and his own hunt for her killer. Feeling alienated from everyone and lone, Dexter has but one ally to aid him in his search... the dead girl herself.
As Dexter is plunged further into the grips of insanity, his relationship with the dead, decaying girl from the grove becomes more and more disturbing.
John Rector has penned a wickedly-haunting tale that will plow through your psyche like a tractor at harvest time. Well written and deliciously dark, John Rector has given reader's a one-way ticket into the mind of a madman and dared them to climb aboard.
I am giving The Grove a 5 spider rating. Brace yourself as you venture into The Grove.
CK Webb


Charlene said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Just finished the book and really enjoyed it.

CK Webb said...

So glad to hear that and I bet the author is thrilled as well!!!