Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review of 'Delirious' by Daniel Palmer

Delirious was written by Daniel Palmer and published by Kensington Books in January, 2011.
Charlie Giles is successful, intelligent, wealthy and a bit of a snob. His company has done well and his baby, InVision, is a hit. Charlie is on top of the world... until strange things start to happen.
Charlie begins to find notes in his own handwriting, that he can't remember writing. Then a woman who claims to work for his company, SoluCent, comes to him with information that his life's work is to be threatened from within the company. Charlie intends to see that this does not happen and after an embarrassing scene at a meeting of the upper echelon, Charlie finds that the woman who gave him the information, does not seem to exist.
Then, Charlie's mother has a major stroke and is hospitalized, leaving Charlie to look out for his schizophrenically-diagnosed brother, Joe. More notes in Charlie's hand writing are found and one is a 'kill list' of company heads. Is Charlie becoming schizophrenic like his brother? Is he a killer?
After a short stay in a mental facility, Charlie is on the run, trying to prove his own innocence, with his brother Joe, and Joe's therapist, Rachel, in tow. What follows is an all-out race to save lives and prove he is not a murderer, to himself, as well as to everyone else.
Daniel Palmer has penned a story that will keep you up all night reading to the very end. The story premise is fresh and intriguing and the characters are appealing and believable. Mr. Palmer has brought his techno-savvy to the brink and invited the reader on a thrill-ride that is startling, unexpected and headed straight to phsycological Hell. This novel will make you think and keep you guessing.
I am giving Delirious a 5-spider rating and praising Daniel Palmer on his exciting debut novel. We certainly can't wait to see more from the tantalizing mind of this new author.
DJ Weaver


Anonymous said...

Okay...sounds awesome! Guve it up, I have to read this one!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely one awesome, mind boggling book! A page turner for sure. I'm looking forward to more books by Daniel Palmer!
Merle G.