Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review of 'Beyond Justice' by Joshua Graham

Beyond Justice was written by Joshua Graham and published by Dawn Treader Press in 2010. It is available for purchase at You can read more about this author and his published works by visiting his website at . Also, please see our interview with Joshua in the ‘Interview’ section of this site.
Sam Houston is an attorney living and working in San Diego California, when the unthinkable happens. After returning from a business meeting, Sam discovers the bodies of his wife and daughter, stabbed and raped and his 4 year old son Aaron, brutally beaten with a baseball bat. After watching his wife die in his arms, Sam is thrust even more deeply into his unimaginable nightmare. After the passing of his daughter, his son slips into a deep coma. The investigation and subsequent trial net only circumstantial evidence until, Sam’s DNA is matched with that recovered from his daughter’s mutilated body. The prosecutors call it a ‘slam dunk’ and Sam is sent to Death Row in one of the country’s most notorious prisons. But, Sam is innocent and it will take years for the truth to emerge. What comes to light is more sinister than even Sam could have imagined.
Beyond Justice is an extraordinary read with highly investable characters. The storyline is taut and fresh and the ending will send you reeling… you will never see this one coming. I am giving Beyond Justice a 4-spider rating because of its strong spiritual undertones which may not appeal to all readers. For me, it was a story so gripping and moving, I could not put it down until the very last word had been read. If you are searching for a brilliantly crafted Christian thriller with an edge, Beyond Justice is the book for you.
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Espana said...

I was absolutely captivated by Mr. Graham's writing, leaving me with a strong emotional connection to Sam and his adopted family of supporters. I liked Sam, I thought him a realistic and endearing character and more importantly, I cared about Sam. I wanted him free and exonerated and I wanted justice for him. To say Sam's story was mesmerizing would be a gross understatement. Sam's story, told through the able pen of Mr. Graham, is inspiring in every aspect. Sam isn't a believer in God in the beginning of the book and does not become a believer due to the horrors his family is subjected to, nor due to his imprisonment and branding as a "family killer". It's a gradual process in which he truly sees the light.