Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Review of 'When Blood Calls' by JK Beck

When Blood Calls was written by JK Beck and published by Bantam Books in August, 2010.
Sara Constantine is an attorney, but instead of the usual human suspects, her new job is to prosecute vampires, werewolves and other shadowy entities she’s only heard about. The first case on her agenda is convicting Lucius Dragos of murder. Lucius; the same gorgeous man she met in a bar only two nights earlier and shared a steamy, sexy night with… the same man that it now seems, is a Vampire.
Lucius is accused of murdering a judge, and if convicted, would be facing the death penalty. Sara is determined to win this case even though she is extremely drawn to Lucius. What ensues is an all out race by Lucius to prove to Sara that he is not a monster, while Sara must find a way to protect and defend this vampire who has stolen her heart.
JK Beck has written a decidedly taunt thriller with a twist, and has done it a manner that keeps the reader on the jagged edge. The characters are true-to-life and dangerously realistic, while the action moves ahead at mind-bending speed. Add in a large helping of sex, deceit, jealousy and things that go bump in the night, and you have When Blood Calls.
I am giving When Blood Calls a 4 spider rating, and recommending this cool thriller to any who like vampires, werewolves or other strange creatures. Pick up this winner.
DJ Weaver

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