Friday, April 1, 2011

Book Review for 'Book of Shadows' by Alexandra Sokoloff

The Book of Shadows was written by Alexandra Sokoloff and published by St. Martin's Press in 2010. It is available for purchase at To find out more about Alexandra, visit her website at

As teen-aged girls are being found decapitated, their bodies desecrated by what appears to be satanic symbols, Boston homicide detective Adam Garrett and his partner are scrambling to track down the killer. What they soon uncover is an elusive world of Satanic ritual, witches and cult members, more shocking and sinister than they could have imagined.

With the help of a witch/psychic, this game of cat and mouse becomes more and more deadly and the stakes are at their highest. With little time before the next pagan holiday and undoubtedly, the next murder, Garret must envelope himself in this mystical world, a world that goes against everything he believes, with no way of knowing who he can trust or if he will make it out alive.

Alexandra Sokoloff has penned a wickedly sadistic, multi genre novel that keeps you reading long into the night. The very best of a thriller intertwined with all the draw and allure of a horror, The Book of Shadows will pull you along fast and furious, until its ending is revealed. With a storyline that hits you hard from the very first line, I am giving The Book of Shadows a 5 spider rating and urging all fans of the thriller and horror genre to pick up this book.
CK Webb

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Anonymous said...

Great review! I just finished reading a PDF copy and I can say I'm really impressed with Alexandra Sokoloff and will definitely look for her other novels.

Anybody who wants to get a copy, you may get it here: