Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book Review of 'Dark Forgiveness' by Amelia Underwood

Dark Forgiveness was written by Amelia Underwood and published by Tate Publishing in April, 2011. You may purchase it at
Lauren Ance is on a supernatural journey. She has gone from being a young, engaged women to being dead--brought back as a half human, half archangel oracle. But why was she resurrected?
With the help of the four elements, earth, air, wind, and water, she realizes her mission is hidden inside the Light and Dark Scrolls. These scrolls are the salvation of mankind and Lauren must learn their secret in order to save the world from evil, while also explaining and protecting the scrolls and their content.
If you love supernatural/paranormal books, this one is for you. Amelia Underwood has done a wonderful job telling this story without ever having you believe it is just another story. I am a big supernatural believer and I loved this book. The story kept my attention, while keeping me on edge and wondering what would happen next and why. All my questions were answered and much more in this easy read that left me wanting more. I really hope Ms Underwood writes another book as a follow-up to this one because I will certainly want to buy it.
I am giving Dark Forgiveness a 5 spider-rating and would recommend it to anyone. Amelia Underwood has written a new life into the supernatural/paranormal genre.
T Lane

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Sounds like a good plot.