Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Review of 'Out of Time' by Monique Martin

Out of Time is a paranormal romance written by Monique Martin and available through in Kindle form.
Elizabeth West is going to die! Or, at least, that is what vampire researcher and Occult Professor Simon Cross’s nightmares are telling him. But can these haunting dreams really mean something? Elizabeth is Simon’s easy-going, attractive assistant at the university and a lovely girl, whom Simon has thought of in other terms beside ‘Assistant’, but he has spent his life avoiding entanglements. Elizabeth thinks Simon is attractive and she has a thing for him, but she knows it can never be because of his stuffy, uptight attitude.
How then, do these two opposites end up traveling back through time to 1920’s New York and living there together as husband and wife to keep outsider suspicions from interfering with their plan to get back to their own time? And what about those mobsters and their strange leader with the eerie eyes, seemingly invincible body and a deadly attraction to Elizabeth?
Monique Martin has penned a tantalizing tale of time travel in this new take on the vampire genre and it is a winner. This story is heavy on history of the 1920 era in New York City and the way of life then. The characters are interesting and playful with Elizabeth’s wonderfully, bubbly personality and Simon’s ‘just-what-he-ought-to-be’ hero persona. The story is imaginative and new and the writing is clean and neat as a pin.
I am giving Out of Time a 4 spider rating and recommending it especially to those who like a fast-paced paranormal romance. Don’t miss it.
DJ Weaver

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