Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Review of 'Warm Bodies' by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies was written by Isaac Marion and published by Atria Press in April, 2011. It is available from You can read more from Isaac on his blog, 'Burning Building' at

Warm Bodies is touted as a story about zombie love but is not about zombies…well, not really. Even though the book tells the story of a zombie boy, who finds and protects a human girl from other zombies in an apocalyptic world dying from a plague, it is not, at all, a zombie story. This book is about the human condition, or the un-condition if you will. It’s about hope and fear, life and death and the consequences we could all face if changes are not made.
It is about ‘R’, a zombie boy who starts out as any other zombie, killing humans and eating their brains. But it progresses into a sweet story of a ‘once-human’ who is transforming into a ‘once-again-human’. R saves a girl named Julie from a hoard of hungry zombies and takes her to his home, a 747 jumbo jet sitting on a tarmac in some random airport. He does not know why, but suddenly, he has this over-whelming urge to protect her.
These two strange friends begin to see things and do things they don’t at first understand, but as time goes on, their actions begin to make a difference. They become a new hope that spreads out around them and changes everything.
Not in a very long time, have I read a book that has so touched me like Warm Bodies. Isaac Marion has an ability to write and express his story in a way that very few authors have done before and I believe this young writer will be a huge voice in the future of story-telling. His wonderful descriptions of characters and situations are like nothing I’ve read lately. His ability to understand and translate the human condition is uncanny and enlightening. What can I say…this guy can write.
If you read no other book this year, you must pick up Warm Bodies. It will fool you in the beginning, sadden you in the middle and move you at the end. It will knock your socks off and give you Hope!

I am giving Warm Bodies a 5 spider rating and recommending this book to anyone who's that good!

DJ Weaver

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