Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review of 'Chasing Amanda' by Melissa Foster

Chasing Amanda was written by Melissa Foster and published by Solstice Publishing in 2011. You may purchase this book from and find out more about Ms. Foster at

Molly Tanner has a wonderful life…now! She has a lovely husband who she adores, a son off to college with a bright future and she lives in a close-knit community in a great area…now. But things were different for Molly nine years ago. When a young child went missing in Philadelphia, Molly had visions she did not act upon and the child was found murdered. Guilt ridden, her family moved to Boyds Maryland and things got better.
Now, a seven-year-old girl has disappeared and Molly cannot ignore it. Not for her life—not for her husband—not for anything. She goes against everything to decipher her visions and seek the truth behind this tragedy. But Molly finds that the people—and the land—in Boyds hold some secrets she could never have guessed. She also finds there is another side to her husband that could cost her marriage.
This story is told from several viewpoints which make it even more interesting and gives it a twisted thrill that I have not seen before, but still flows well and reads superbly. If you are one of those readers who try to figure out ‘whodunit’, please read Chasing Amanda…it will have you pulling your hair out trying to pin down the culprit, but you never will until the very end. This is a well-written, well thought-out thriller with a kick-butt ending and it will definitely keep you on the edge. Melissa Foster is a writer to watch and Chasing Amanda is THE book for thriller lovers.
I’m giving Chasing Amanda a 5 spider rating and recommending to all thriller readers. Don’t miss this one.
DJ Weaver

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Espana said...

"Chasing Amanda" was a very good book. I was never able to guess the plots, and usually I am. I found myself trying to guess what was going to happen next but to no avail. Melissa did an excellent job with writing this book, and her efforts are surely commended. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I loved it.