Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book Review for 'Be Careful What You Wish For' by Sibel Hodge

Be Careful What You Wish For was written by Sibel Hodge and published through CreateSpace in 2011. It is available from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. You can read more about Sibel and her writing on her blog at
Amber Fox, ex-cop, now works for her once-fiancĂ©, Brad as an insurance investigator. Brad asks her to check out what begins as a ‘something doesn't feel right moment’ he has while watching a pay-per-view boxing match. The insured is the current title holder, Levi, who is fighting his old friend Ricky. When someone comes up to the ring yelling at Levi during the sixth round of the match, Levi is knocked out and Amber is thrown into a whirl-wind investigation that ends up being deeper than she ever thought. With the help of Brad and the members of their investigations team, Amber begins to find answers.
What started as a world-title boxing scandal quickly turns into a bank safety box robbery and murder. Who was the mysterious man and what was he yelling to Levi? Is Levi being blackmailed and if so, by whom and for what reason? The answers don't come easy as the questions keep piling up and Amber finds herself in a deadly situation.
This is the second book in the Amber Fox series. Sibel Hodge has a way of writing that really makes the characters come to life as Amber struggles to get to the bottom of the case and her love life. What really made this story different was the fact that it is written as Amber is telling the story personally to you. She is sarcastic, quirky, funny and sexy all wrapped into one bundle of energy. This was an easy read and kept me interested throughout.
I give Be Careful What You Wish For, 5 spiders and recommend to fans who enjoy a fast paced, sometimes funny, crime filled story. I look forward to reading The Fashion Police, the first Amber Fox book and hope Ms. Hodge keeps this series coming because she has a new fan!
J Goehl


Sibel Hodge said...

Oh, wow, thanks so much for reviewing this. I'm sooo glad you enjoyed it :)

Pj Schott said...

Love Sibel Hodge. This one is just as good as "The Fashion Police," which was FABULOUS.

Sibel Hodge said...

Aw, thanks, Pj! :)