Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review of 'Decayed Etchings' by Brandon Ford

Decayed Etchings was written by Brandon Ford and published by Black Bed Sheets Books in 2011. You may purchase it at
In this collection of 18 stories you'll be amused, shocked and satisfyingly haunted by tales of the dark, gory and sinister side of life.
Brandon Ford endeavors to push the envelope and go beyond some of the common accepted boundaries in a few of his tales and in doing so he tears down the wall that would normally hold a lot of other writers back.
For instance, one of my favorite stories in this compilation was Band Of Gold where a wayward husband involves himself with a hooker and in the process, loses something of value to his marriage, in a place where he realizes he probably shouldn't have gone to in the first place. It was a gross but amusing tale that had me chuckling because I could see this happening in real life.
Another one of my favorites was My Sacred Slumber. This story resonated with me as being very dark and disturbing and one that many may find hard to get through. The horror and courage must have swelled within the author when he wrote this one, but the mechanics of his writing are superb.
The only thing that held this book back from being a 5 spider rating was the "chopped off" endings of a few too many of Brandon Ford's stories. I thought some of the tales could have been developed further and gone farther than they did but this seems to be all part of the authors style and it certainly doesn't take away from my appetite to want to read more from Mr. Ford. I would equate my experience with some of his work as having a bowl of ice cream taken away from me when there's still a few more delicious spoonfuls left in the bottom of the bowl. It was very good but I wanted more from that bowl, and from that story.
My other "top picks" in Decayed Etchings were Trippity Doo-Da, Cat Call, Bookends, Camera Shy and Famous Last Words.
I’m giving Decayed Etchings a 4 spider rating.

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