Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book Review of 'The Secret of Lies' by Barbara Forte Abate

The Secret of Lies was written by Barbara Forte Abate and published by Dog Ear Publishing, LLC, in April of 2010. You may purchase it at and you may find out more about Ms. Abate on her site at
Stephanie spent the summers of her youth at her Aunt and Uncle’s beach house on Long Island. It was here that she met her friend Jake and learned sign language as a way to communicate with him. Over several summers, as she grew into her teenage years, she and her sister became close to Jake. Stephanie, Stevie for short, especially. Stevie’s sister, Eleanor, had different boyfriends all the time, just like any typical teenager. The last summer they spent there, Stevie became especially close with Jake, while Eleanor seemed to forget the boys altogether. The summer seemed to be going really well, especially for Stevie, when something happened.
Stevie, now an adult with a husband, can’t forget what happened that summer. She can’t forget the friend she had in Jake. And she can’t help, but think what might have been. In a bid to find herself and to get closure on what happened, she leaves in the middle of the night, bound for that beach house, and her past.
Barbara Forte Abate tells a story that you cannot forget. This book is a wonderful tale of nostalgia. Expertly written, the story comes alive and I really enjoyed this book. This makes a great read for those summer days when you need a great book and a cold drink on a warm beach. I definitely recommend this one! 4 spiders for The Secret of Lies.
SB Price

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