Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Review of 'The Judging' by Ellen C. Maze

The Judging was written by Ellen C. Maze and published by TreasureLine Publishing in 2010. This book may be purchased through and you can visit her web site at

In 1640, in a small Hungarian village, priest Mark Corescu is transformed into a vampire. Four centuries later, Dr. Mark Corescu believes he is serving God as he judges evil doers or those that have sinned by taking their lives in a ritual he calls the Judging.

Until he meets young widower, Hope Brannen, who he believes God has sent to be his love. Hope immediately falls for him, but she knows he is not an agent of God and enlists the help of Anthony Agricola, who is attending seminary. Tony helps Mark remember his past and he begins question truth, and all that he has done in the name of faith.

I didn't think this book would be something that I’d be interested in, but I kept reading and I’m glad I did. I really liked the idea that Mark was a doctor by day and a vampire by night, killing evil in God’s name. This story contained biblical quotes at the beginning of each chapter and had a spiritual based that made you think. Ms. Maze took an age-old theme and turned it into a solid, exciting story that will interest any reader of the genre. Great story with great characters and a great premise.

This is a book for anyone and I give it a 5 spider rating.
T Lane

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