Friday, September 2, 2011

Something New Is Coming To WebbWeaver

WebbWeaver is about to start something new! Because of the fact that we have been inundated with review request and can’t possible get to everyone, we set out to devise a new way to feature more authors and their work on our site. To that end, we have decided to add guest posts, giveaways and book features to our review site. We will have authors here giving away their books in contests so that our readers can get their hands on some new reads. We will have authors write posts about many different subjects that readers and writers can laugh at, be interested in or use in their own writing. We will feature new books on our site along with a synopsis of those books so that our readers can get a look and find new authors to love.
WebbWeaver will feature some of these guest posts, giveaways and book features in tandem with the TWISTED WEBB ( ) blog site, which is already featuring some of these very items on their site. We will post more information and guidelines under our ‘Review Policy’ tab for those interested in participating and in some instances will give those requesting a review, the option of posting one of these type of features instead.
We hope you will enjoy these new features and we hope we will be able to bring more authors and their work, to the attention of our readers.

The WebbWeaver Duo


John M said...

My YA high fantasy, EON'S DOOR, is on your review docket. I'd be happy to give away a copy with my review. Let me know if you're interested; you already have my contact information.

J.G. McKenney

WebbWeaver said...

That would be great, John!