Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review of 'Fractured Time' by Alan Draven

Fractured Time was written by Alan Draven and published by Black Bed Sheets Books in 2011. You may purchase it at  
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Donovan Vicar is a "feeler"-a man who feels the vibrations of people around him. After bumping into a stranger on a late October evening in 2007, he is overwhelmed with an evil that seems to radiate from the man. He is so caught up with the power and imminent danger of the guy that he boards a bus to Texas in hopes that he might be able to stop whatever horrible act he may be planning. But the bus he is on takes an unexpected turn and instead of going to Texas, Donovan ends right back where he started in his hometown of Bitternest, Louisiana but the year is 1957 and his city is in the grips of dealing with the disappearances of several young women. 50 years in the past, Donovan is forced to take on the dark mystery- or lose the chance of ever going back to 2007.

It's a time travel story that quakes with the weirdness and fun of The Twilight Zone and culminates in a fierce battle between good and evil which threatens to fracture the very essence of time.

The story's premise is a fairly good one but this reader suffered through the use of analogies that were as out of place and clich├ęd as a "giddy sailor in a strip club"  One of the analogies that was used.

The author also had a tendency to be lazy with some of his descriptions such as this one: "A sudden bolt of lightning lit the whole property, just like the ones in those classic horror movies."

If the author would have taken more time in using his own healthy imagination in creating appropriate analogies and if he moved his mind to engage in more inventive descriptions- his spider quantity would have increased.

The last 8 chapters of the story were exciting, satisfactorily written, with an interesting ending, and they saved this book from a 2 spider rating. I give it a 3 out of 5 spider rating.
T Riddell

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