Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review of PROMETHEUS BOUND by A.G. Claymore

Prometheus Bound was written by A. G. Claymore and published in 2011. You may purchase it at  and you can visit the author at

The year is 9 AD and Quintus Druronius, a young tribune, has managed to survive an attack that led to a massacre of his people. He soon learns that secret information which he had acquired from his past, that he thought was fictitious tales told by a family member, was in fact real, and may have led to the mass slaughter because he was in possession of it.

Jumping ahead to the last years of World War Two, fighter pilot Rolf Patzer and an SS officer embark on a mysterious mission involving the moving of a number of small crates out of Germany before the arrival of the Allied Powers.

Meanwhile, in present modern times, Jos F'al, a former intelligence officer, learns that Emily, his fiancée, has been abducted while on an archeological dig which ended in the murder of several of her colleagues. While Jos begins his search for Emily, he stumbles upon an artifact that reveals that human history is much older than anyone ever suspected. In fact, the device pre-dates human civilization and he learns that the end of history, as we know it, is at hand.

Prometheus Bound hopscotches us through three historical eras and proceeds to delve into the lives and adventures of three interesting characters who are each enriched by their perspective time periods. A. G. Claymore makes the story a bit difficult and confusing to follow in the beginning as I was left wondering if the three historically separated story lines were ever going to intersect. But through the use of a time travel plot he cleverly pulls the story together and it doesn't take long before it all begins to make sense.

The ending satisfies and promises more adventures in the upcoming sequel.

I give Prometheus Bound 4 Spiders.

T. Riddell

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A.G. Claymore said...

Tom, thanks for the spiders, and thanks for taking the time to read and review my work!

As a writer, I appreciate the dedication of reviewers at sites like WebbWeaver. I’ll be keeping your comments in mind as I write the next story.

As a reader, I have great faith in the un-paid reviews on your site. I’ve already found new authors through WebbWeaver that I might otherwise have missed out on.