Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Review of THE DEVIL'S BAIT by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

The Devil’s Bait was written by Jeffrey J. Mariotte and published in 2011. It may be purchased at www.amazon.com and you can visit the author at http://jeffmariotte.com/main.htm

Jessica Cutler is a “Relationship Manager” with MetroBank on the way up when she watches her most important client, Richard Steele, and another man murder four others in a garage (it started off as self-defense but Steele went to each wounded man and shot them through the head). Unseen by Steele, Jessica flees the scene, and begins to question whether the transactions she has been making for Steele have in fact been money laundering.

After a sleepless night, Jessica brings her suspicions to a higher-up at the bank, a friend who has been her mentor. He listens to her story— she does not mention the murders— and assures her that, while there is probably nothing to her fears, he will look into her concerns. Jessica leaves the office relieved until someone tries to push her in front of a subway train. When she finally returns home, she finds that her apartment has been riffled. She throws some clothes into a bag and “goes on the run.”

Narrowly escaping danger, she makes her way across the country to Clark’s Grove, Iowa to take refuge with her long estranged sister, Joan. Once there and realizing that Steele’s people would continue to search for her no matter how far she ran, she decides to seek protection and hires Morgan Byrd, an ex-Special Forces mercenary as a bodyguard.

Once she explains the situation to Byrd, he convinces her that the best way to protect herself and those close to her would be to go on the offensive and this offensive takes them from Iowa to Paris to Geneva to the Grand Caymans, back to Iowa, and then back to New York City where it all started.

The action is fast-paced with many twists and turns and Mariotte has obviously done much research on the intricacies of banking transactions.

The Devil’s Bait is an intriguing tale with loads of action and well written characters and I’m giving it 41/2 spiders


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