Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Review of FULL BLACK by Brad Thor

Full Black was written by Brad Thor and published by Atria Books in 2011. You may purchase this novel at and you may find out more about Brad at

The ultimate terrorist plot is on the move and it will bring down, not only the United States, but inevitably, every nation in the world. Where did this plot originate? Is the threat from the Middle East, the Western Republics or right here in the United State? This is the question Scot Harvath has to find out as he travels across the globe, hunting for the root of the largest take-over plot ever devised. He will have to put together the frightening clues and strange occurrences and figure out who is behind the most devastating plot ever devised.

New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor has written an intense novel of power gone mad. The scenario is so ominously realistic that the reader can feel every bit of the life-threatening urgency and pulse-pounding fear portrayed in the story. The players range from heads of state to prominent movie producers to Russian Special Forces and they all have a part in a deadly power move with the highest stakes ever.

This addition to Brad Thor’s ‘Scot Harvath’ series will put you in fear for your way of life and make you think about what’s really going on in the world, one terrifying page at a time. A fabulously intriguing tale from beginning to end and another absolute must-read for thriller fans. 5 spiders for this one… do not miss it!

DJ Weaver

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