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Dark Thoughts & Dark Forces was written by J.K. Dark and published by Poor Boy Press in 2012. It is available for purchase at You can learn more about this author by visiting his blog at

From the website:
'Dark Thoughts & Dark Forces is a short story collection of mystery, suspense, and murder. In it, author J.K. Dark guides the reader through the minds of killers, hauntings, voodoo, and the unspeakable, unexplainable atrocities of mankind.'
'Throughout the pages of his highly compelling tale, Dark weaves stories through cities with rich historical backdrops, from St. Louis, Missouri, to New Orleans, Louisiana, as the settings for many of the stories examine the culture and heritage while telling tales that leave as many questions as answers.'

Let me start off by saying that I do not take on too many short story collections for review, and there is a perfectly good reason why I don't...
I love them too much!! There is nothing, in the entire world, more depressing than a poorly written collection of shorts. But, every now and again, I stumble across something so unique and well written; I just have to share it.

I knew from page one that J.K. Dark had sent me something special, something I had never seen before. His one, two and three word sentences are a thing of utter beauty and quickly grab you with their rhythmic, poetic flow. The stories are so tightly woven that you do not see the endings coming until they smack you in the face and then you can't help but smile at the sheer genius of the author's ability to create something so original and fresh.

The titles of the stories are quirky and alluring, capturing the attention of the reader, while the author discreetly pours his honeyed literary libations into every nook and cranny of the readers psyche. Before the last word is read, you will find yourself drunk on the mystery, horror and realness of the stories as well as their characters.

I could go on and on about this author's work OR I could simply say...
'If you are a fan of oddly and beautifully crafted stories that linger long after the pages have all been turned, then I urge you to grab a copy of Dark Thoughts and Dark Forces.'
I am giving Dark Thoughts & Dark Forces a 5-spider rating (well deserved) and recommending it to anyone interested in horror, mystery, thrills and chills or anyone who just loves a great book filled with wonderful stories!!
CK Webb


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That's just brilliant, thanks a lot and I can't wait to hear more!

CK Webb said...

You betcha!! Thanks for stopping in... we really do appreciate it!!