Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Review of THE CROWNS VENGEANCE by Andrew Clawson

   Andrew Clawson has delivered a suspense filled novel with all the elements of drama, action, imagery, and lively characters along with a diabolical plot scheme only to be uncovered by ingenious protagonists.

Parker Chase, working in the financial market, and his girlfriend Professor Erika Carr uncover coded messages that bring back memories of another sinister plot which they unraveled in an earlier Andrew Clawson novel A PATRIOTS BETRAYAL. The similarities between this new coded message dated during the time of Paul Revere and the old case that they solved months previously lead them to believe that something cold and calculating is being planned. Parker Chase really wants no parts of it but is convinced by his girlfriend Erika Carr that they need to at least investigate it and break the code to see what they can find.

Their search and investigation leads them to the halls of some of Americas and Europe's biggest financial institutions. The more information that they stumble upon the more they find their lives to be in danger and then finally the realization that some very powerful power brokers are not only trying to silence them but also trying to bankrupt the United States in the process. Parker Chase and Erika Carr refuse to let that happen, moving against time and an assassin intent upon putting an end to their existence.

The two main power brokers in this plot have put together an immaculate scheme to drive up oil prices in the US and bankrupt the country. They have hired out an assassin to kill important government diplomats in order to get their own people in position to pull off the scheme. Parker Chase and Erika Carr however become a thorn in the sides of these two henchmen and their scheme gets diverted because of it.

Andrew Clawson has put together a novel that is a page turner and very hard to put down. If you are into suspense and fast paced action then Clawson delivers. This novel is packed with good well rounded characters in both protagonists and antagonists. The antagonists characters are brought to life brilliantly which makes it a much more enticing read because the protagonists can only be as good as the antagonist that they are up against. Beyond that Andrew Clawson has really done his research and weaved a story together that, although it's fiction, it has remnants of real life, current issues dealing with our financial institutions that could leave you wondering, can this really happen. Conspiracy theorists would probably say yes.

Suspenseful, action packed, fast paced and a definite page turner from start to finish, Andrew Clawson gives us a taste of his craftsmanship as a writer and THE CROWNS VENGEANCE should be ranked among classics like Pelican Brief. For this reason THE CROWNS VENGEANCE gets a resounding "5- spiders."

Y. Karima

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