Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review of SECONDWORLD by Jeremy Robinson

SecondWorld was written by Jeremy Robinson and published through Thomas Dunne Books in May 2012. You can purchase this read at and you may get more information on Jeremy at

 Jeremy Robinson has once again, reached into his story-telling hat and pulled out a winning premise and the perfect protagonist to bring it to life.

 Lincoln Miller is an ex-Navy SEAL who is now an NCIS special agent. He is sent to an underwater research station to investigate reports of ocean dumping, But, what Miller finds instead, are strange red flakes falling from the sky, millions of dead or dying sea creatures, and most importantly, no oxygen at the surface.

 Fearing the worst, Miller makes his way to Miami only to find millions of people dead, while the culprits behind the truth of the falling flakes and their plan to annihilate all of mankind are still at work. He also finds a young girl in a hospital and together, they make a hasty getaway to Washington, DC.

 Tasked by the President with stopping the global chaos that will take place in seven days, Miller is joined by a Czech conspiracy theorist/cowboy, and a Nazi scientist’s granddaughter. The three must track down the source of the red death and the homicidal mastermind from the past who is once again reigning terror upon the entire world.

 Robinson has done a fantastic job with the characters in this story. Miller is the perfect AJ-squared away ex-Navy SEAL with a past that demands his participation in the story. Elizabeth Adler is easily likeable, but somewhat suspect right up to the end, and Milos Vesely is fabulously funny, but also clever and crafty. This trio works, and Robinson has made this non-stop action adventure, believable and harrowing.

 Crisp, fresh and scary as Hell, SecondWorld should be at the top of your reading stack. Jeremy Robinson has joined the ranks of ‘my favorite authors’ with this one. Five spiders for SecondWorld.

DJ Weaver

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