Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review of THE TOMBS OF EDEN by Rick Jones

The Tombs of Eden was written by Rick Jones and published through Hive Collective in August of 2012. You may purchase the book at and you may find out more about Rick Jones at

 Professor Jonathan Moore has searched for this for years, but now that he’s found it, he’s also found its sinister secret. Too bad he won’t be able to tell his archeologist daughter, Alyssa, of the find of all time. No… he will never get to tell a single soul, because he and his entire team save for one, are gruesomely murdered by something sinister and unworldly, lurking in the temple. The professor gives his log book to his assistant to take back to Alyssa just before he dies and this will set Alyssa on a search for the seat of all humankind.

Eden—hidden for millennia, the beginnings of man. The most important find in the history of religion. Alyssa Moore, John Savage, and their team must survive while searching for the tombs at the center of the subterranean Temple of Eden. But they are being stalked by massive, unholy guardians of the tombs. Will they survive and can they decipher the secrets of The Tombs of Eden in time?

 Rick Jones has penned a hair-raising thriller with a twist, and just the brand of action-packed, non-stop writing I enjoy best. He has taken an awesome story, added a couple of emotionally-charged, result-oriented protagonists, a few really bad guys, and topped the whole thing off with a large quantity of whatever is lurking in the dark temple, brutally and savagely killing off the cast of characters.

 The Tombs of Eden is Rick’s fourth novel and first of this series. He is presently working on the second in the series, The Menagerie, and I, for one, can’t wait to read more from him in the future. Kudos and four and a half spiders for The Tombs of Eden.

DJ Weaver
(as reviewed in Suspense Magazine)

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