Thursday, March 7, 2013


                 INHALE was written by Kendall Grey and published by Howling Mad Press (which she totally is). It is available for purchase at
 This fiction book combines romance with fantasy to tell the story of two strangers who meet in dreams, but live drastically different lives. Zoe is a whale, marine biologist who is seeking the big promotion of a lifetime. Gavin Cassidy sings in a rock band but throws himself into partying and drinking as a way of coping with loss. Gavin has been called in dreamland to protect and save Zoe from the fire and figure out why she was chosen to be protected in the first place. In the end, he finds himself in love with a woman he has never even met and may not ever meet because of the risks involved.
 I loved this book!!! I read the first chapter and couldn't put the book down until the last words were read. I loved the story and the connection between the characters; how real it all seemed!!! The author has done a great job telling the story with heart and realness.
 I was amazed how the author explained their lives and didn't get you lost or tell too much. Like I said, great story and I would recommend INHALE 100% to anyone over 18. *Please note that there are scenes with sexual content and strong, graphic violence, but they only make the story better and more believable*
 I am giving Kendall Grey's INHALE, 5-spiders and more :)
 T Lane

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